Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mo' Updates, Mo' Problems

I've been in contact with a lot of my friends and all I can say is "Jeez, what a complete nightmare!" I'm sure many of you have some other choice words as well. To keep it simple, Home has become unstable and completely unusable for many dedicated users. It seems every possible thing which could have gone wrong with this update has gone completely wrong. All we received were reassurances, yet all of our fears and apprehensions about 1.75 have been realized.

Would you like a list or an essay? Well...

-People are flat out missing items. Not only that, but many wouldn't know it if they were since it's now taking an hour to go through one section of inventory. 

-My friends have lost some of their avatar saves. People are reporting missing clothing, missing furniture and missing lmos.  Even several days after the update, stuff that was there on Wednedsay is gone today. 

-One of my favorite activities, decorating apartments has been made absolutely impossible. When you go to place a furniture item it takes AT LEAST 30 seconds from when you click before it actually shows up at the spawn. 

-Wardrobe and furniture has been scattered completely. In some cases furniture can't be placed at all -- choices just flicker quickly and users are sent right back to inventory.  The same thing happens when organizing what has already been placed. 

As for the store -- and this is where your ears should perk up Mr. Digital Platforms Manager -- it's taking an inordinate amount of time (about a minute per line) for selections to load.  Even when buying one free item, the new "validating purchase" screen that takes AT LEAST eight minutes each and every time, making users not want to buy anything at all.

Your program is completely unstable -- many things are broken and/or missing. Only an idiot would buy something now, and I for one will be offering no financial support until every last issue that was created with this forced update is resolved. Go ahead and laugh -- I'm only one user, right? 

Unless things change quickly, I predict you will see your sales decrease slowly, or perhaps rather quickly, percentage point by percentage point due to poor implementation and the stubborn insistance to move forward while ignoring, or at least not implementing failsafe solutions for customer concerns along the way. Many of us have been left in the lurch once again, confused, distrusting, and disheartened by what we see and experience.

If you aren't experiencing some of these bigger problems, you should thank your lucky stars and realize that for your non-issue, there are thousands of people, many of whom dont use the forum, who have no other recourse but to stop using home or roll with the punches. 

We've rolled with a lot of punches through the thick and thin of Home, but this last update may have finally beaten some of us down completely. The only way I can describe some of the issues people have been having lately is "pure devastation." 

This forum is a microcosm of Home as a whole, and when an issue is swept under the rug or ignored, thousands of users end up suffering the consequences.

I am officially terrified to see what's next, and pray that somehow, some way, everything will be fixed soon, if that's even possible without reverting to the previous client. 

I'm no fear monger, however you've left little to no recourse for a great deal of your customers. I am voting very dissatisfied, and I will be making that vote with my pocketbook.

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