Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home is Where My Heart is

Home is where my heart is.

Despite the many bumps in the road I think very fondly about the events, spaces and rewards over the years. More importantly I think of all my friends, past, present, and even future. 

You all make me happy. All of you.  And I feel  so very lucky we are all able to share this place with each other. 

We've tried time and time again to extend the olive branch and usher in some civility and stability by bridging a gap, (a chasm), with management, but it doesn't seem like management cares. It has, in fact, been made abundantly clear through recent events they have no time for this amazing community, which they claim to care for so deeply. 

You speak highly and confidently of your brilliant but hidden efforts to sustain Home, but everything we see, hear, and have been made to feel deeply in our cores is evidence to the contrary. 

If you want to sabotage Home, keep it up. By alienating deeply invested community members, you are only alienating yourself.

We haven’t been petty, not all of us -- not most of us. This has been eating away at the heart of the community for some time now, and we have been very patient, but only through the lens of constant disregard.

You fracture and wound when you act like it's a hassle offer some measure of respectable and timely discourse. You act outraged when the very people you are here to accommodate aren't happy, like butter wouldn't melt in your mouth. 

We love Home, Glasswalls. We love Home more than you, and it is very clear to me now, many of us are more invested than you will ever be.  

I’m sorry to say "your" baby has grown, and a complete disregard for all of us has brought Home into an angsty adolescence desperately in need of guidance. The most troubling thing about this is you've shown us all where your heart is. 

We never asked for lines to be drawn in the sand. There are people here who work harder than the NA Home staff FOR THE COMMUNITY, and have never asked for a dime -- just take one look at page one of the Xi Continuum thread. Our incentive was, and still is, being a community first, and we will remain as such! We all deserve a measure of respect, and your THREAT to take your ball and go home, breaking from professional courtesy under the guise of sitting down to have a chat, just may be the straw that broke the camels back. 

We are not just a paycheck for you to cash. More people are realizing that everyday, and boy are they pissed. I'm not asking for a response anymore, I'm giving it to one you didn't ask for.

If you can't figure out what we want, and what you need to do, bear in mind we will.

There will always be dissenters, but there are clearly some fundamental things on which I think we can all agree. Fighting against all adversity to your point of view without acknowledging how our different perspectives tie together will never bring you any closer to the truth right under your nose.

Every one of us is part of a community, and together we all have a voice. Home is where my heart is, but without all of us, Home is nothing.

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